git repos: change mailings

Back on 2012-02-19, I mentioned that I've been using git for revision control, and mentioned, among other things, that I had a file, regenerated nightly, listing the current state of each of (most of) my repos. I didn't mention it, but I also had, and have, a cron job that mails me the changes to that file each time it's regenerated.

Recently, it occurred to me that some of you may be interested in changes but don't have the infrastructure to monitor the file. I certainly don't see many fetches of the git-repos file in my logs; in the last three and a half weeks it's been fetched only three times—and one of those was by Google's crawler. (There is one person I know in meatspace who expressed interest; I added him to the cronjob's list of mail recipients.)

So, if anyone would like to be added to the nightly mailout of the diff between the old and new git-repos files, drop me a line and I'll add you. (Not quite nightly, actually, because occasionally a day will pass without my pushing anything to any of those repos. But there are changes probably more than half the nights.)