Another rant on not fitting in

This is mostly a light editing of some things I said privately on IRC some months back.

There's some strong language here. If that bothers you you might want to skip this post.


It started with my remarking that I found myself "not fitting into this world". The other person asked why.

At EVERY FUCKING TURN I'm running into something that says "you can't be functional unless you throw security in the trash and drink the koolaid like an obedient little member of the Corporate State".

It's just barely possible I might be able to raise enough hell to get some tiny concession made. But, honestly, I can't be bothered any longer. If that's what it takes then I'd sooner just stop trying; the game is not worth the candle.

If I have to be fighting society every fucking day, that's not living, and it's not worth it. If I have to game society's systems just to bleedin' live, I'm in a wrong society.


This is slightly out of date in some respects. For example, I have now moved from Montreal to Ottawa. There is one thing left to do to complete the move (I need to find a larger place; my current Ottawa place is a small pied-a-terre and most of the stuff from my Montreal place is currently in the hands of movers), but I am out of Montreal, even if not yet completely in Ottawa. But the basic feelings are still just as valid as they were when I wrote it.

I have no idea what, if anything, there is to be done about any of this. It's a rant, an emotional outburst, not something that's supposed to make rational sense.