Domain registration

(Edit: note this is talking about the registrar for, not At least one reader I've heard of so far got confused on that point.)


Over the last four years or so, my domain has been in flux. This started with the change that led to this note explaining why I switched from to

Today, the registrar who handles, selected because he didn't require me to use some God-damned Web interface, told me he doesn't "have time" to "work around" that any longer.

There's one place I know of I might be able to move the domain. But it's not certain they will be suitable. It's looking as though having, and being willing to use, some execrable bloated crawling horror of a "major Web browser"—and running an OS that can support such a monstrosity—is required to hold a domain. Not de-jure; simply because f-ing nobody is willing to handle a registration any other way.

I find this deeply discouraging. Such a network is not one I want to participate in; I may have to abandon my domains. Readers of this blah should be prepared for to vanish, possibly to be replaced by, possibly without any replacement.

I'll post updates here (to the extent I can; if the domain goes away abruptly enough, it's not clear how anyone would discover a replacement).