git repos

I've been using git for revision control for more and more things, recently. While, like anything else, it has downsides, it's actually pretty good for most of my purposes.

I have two major issues with git, at the moment:

However, it is a very nice thing for a great many other purposes, and I use it for almost all of my new code for which it's suited.

I've set up a git daemon on (currently a CNAME pointing to sparkle, but it may move, hence the functional name). In my logs, I've seen reason to think at least a few people are trying to figure out what repos I have there. So I set up a cron job to regenerate a list of repos; the result is an FTPable file which gets regenerated nightly. (Also available over HTTP, like the rest of my anonymous FTP area.) This is the major thing which prompted me to write this blah post; I'm under no illusion that you are all fascinated by this and will immediately rush to clone them all, but I expect there are at least a few of you who will be interested in at least a few of them.

As the git-repos file says, in general, I'll be happy to correspond about any of them.