1080x1920 is niiiiice

At work at CREDIL, my desk has a 1920x1080 monitor on it. (It took a little fiddling to get my SS20 to drive it, but once past that, it's very sweet to use.)

After using it for a while, I found myself liking the `extra' screen space (I was previously using 1280x1024) so much I got myself one. But I found it slightly annoying; I really wanted to run it portrait style instead of landscape style—I found myself wanting tall skinny windows much more than short wide windows.

It supports MIS-D 100 ("100mm VESA wall mount"). Last night I finally put together a mount that uses them to hold it in portrait position. This is for my monitor, not work's; the host I'm driving it with is a peecee, and the X server has settings to rotate the screen 90 degrees either way, so the software side was already done for me.

It's niiiiiice.

Using my usual text font, a full-screen blanket window is 180x147. With gallant.r.19 (my usual "large" font), 90x87.

The major remaining issue is that the keyboard sucks, as expected because it's a peecee keyboard. I will probably put another SPARC next to it to drive a good keyboard, then hack on the software as necessary. (I may use a level-shifter on a serial port instead; I'll have to give the pros and cons a little thought.)

I could get used to this screen shape.