RSS set up!

People have been bugging me for a while about how my blah needs an RSS feed (or moral equivalent); see, for example, the administrivia post of 2009-10-22.

Last night, fomo (thank you!) pointed me at enough documentation to figure out that it looked simple enough to be worth doing; sco (thank you too!) pointed me at more info today. I've got an initial version in place; see the RSS link at the bottom of the main page (repeated here for your convenience). is happy with it, for what that's worth; there probably are still problems, so please let me know if you see anything that needs attention.

sco also suggested I look at atom. In some respects I prefer it, perhaps most notably the way it's standardized, but it looks sufficiently more elaborate that it's a project for the future if at all.

One note: please don't poll too often. Given the frequency of my updates, I'd say anything more often than about four times a day is pointless overkill, and, while I think this is pretty lightweight from the server side, that server is behind a pretty thin pipe, so please be kind to my bandwidth and don't hammer on it.