This is just an administrative note that I'm reversing the order of the entries on the main page, from chronological to reverse chronological. This is mostly so that the most recent items will be the ones above the fold—once I have enough entries that there are some that aren't, that is.

A few people have mentioned turning this into an RSS feed. So far nobody has explained what an RSS feed looks like from the content provider's point of view in enough detail for me to make an informed decision, and I haven't found the motivation combined with leisure to research it on my own. It's definitely something I want to look into at some point, though; if-and-when I come to a decision I'll certainly let my loyal fans (yeah, all two of them :) know. (Those of you who have the infrastructure set up to monitor pages for changes can just watch index.html. Anything faster than about every six hours is almost certainly overkill; if you want a suggestion, I'd suggest daily, preferably avoiding times like multiples of 15 minutes and such.)